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I am an avid reader and love, love, LOVE to spend my free time reading. It is a chance to escape reality and jump into history or another world. My favorite genre is Christian Historical Fiction; say that 5 times fast, and I have come up with a list of my all-time favorite books.

1.The Healer’s Apprentice by: Melanie DIckerson
Ok so ALL of Melanie Dickerson’s books are fantabulous. I have read her books more than once and own them all. She has 2 medieval series and a regency series. All are based off of original stories like Grimm’s Fairy Tales and such. I cannot tell you how much I love her books. You can buy them off of Amazon (where I get most of mine), Barnes and Noble, and any Christian book store.

2. An Uncertain Choice by: Jody Hedlund
Jody Hedlund is also a Christian author and mostly writes Christian Historical Fiction. An Uncertain Choice is the first of its trilogy and the other two books (A Daring Sacrifice and For Love and Honor) just as good as the first. Her books are very detailed, no worries, there’s nothing inappropriate, but she doesn’t stray from the context of the times she writes in.

3. Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen
Ok who hasn’t heard of Jane. She’s my home-girl. One of my favorite time periods is the Regency period in England because I love how proper things were and the passive aggressive drama Jane uses to tell her stories. This book is a classic and I definitely recommend checking it out.

4. Dawn At Emberwilde by: Sarah E. Ladd 
Another Christian Historical Fiction (I know what you’re thinking: this girl is obsessed) and a great one! The day I got this book, I read it in 4 hours. It’s not a small book, mind you. Two days after that, I read it again haha. It’s that good.

5. Old Fashioned by: Rene Gutteridge and Rik Swartzwelder
 Finally! Not a Christian Historical Fiction! This book is based off of the movie Old Fashioned and for any girls out there who are romantics, like me–I’m super romantic and it’s sad, haha– you’ll love this book. It teaches us that being old-fashioned when in a relationship is ok and can help you and the person you’re in a relationship become closer. If you aren’t sure what I mean by “old-fashioned”, read the book and watch the movie!




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