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For all of you college students, welcome back to school! A lot of people have been asking for pictures of my dorm room, so here ya go! I had a really fun time designing it over the summer. I had a budget of $150 and only went $3 over! I bought a lot of things pre-owned and made things myself. Come on over and check it out!

When you walk in, my bed is on your right. My theme for my room is English Country, so I have navy blue gingham plaid mixed with a red velvet accent pillow and lace sheets. My bedside table I painted and de-stressed myself to give it a farmhouse look. The veggie poster I got for $3 and accents the room’s theme well.

The love seat is my favorite part of my room. It’s a pull-out couch with a vintage/de-stressed look. I found it on Facebook and only paid $60! It came with a storage ottoman as well. Above the love seat I have pictures of family and an iron cross from Trades of Hope. The framed pictures of family add a feeling of home in my home away from home.

On my desk I have a antique tea pastries tray I use for jewelry and a mini chalkboard that shows my verse of the month I’m trying to memorize. For vertical storage, I have a small shelf I got a couple of years ago that hold books, pictures, and trinkets. This allows a lot of space for my desk.

My desk is next to my fridge and Keurig. I like to think of it as my coffee nook, hence the coffee art wall. I bought the small coffee sign at Walmart for $3 and the chalkboard on Amazon or two for $7. Great deals! Since my fridge is next to the window, my plants get good sunlight from their perch. I brought my lavender and mint plants to school to keep the gardener in me happy. I used the mint leaves for tea and the lavender as a room freshener.  

We can’t forget my cow painting of course. My dad got me this for Christmas last year. I absolutely LOVE cows, so it’s one of my favorite parts of my room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! One of my hobbies is interior decorating. I love the English country look and am glad I got to add my own style to it. 

God bless,


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