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So I just moved into college for the semester and it has been a rough day saying goodbye to my mom. As I was laying in bed, I remembered that some time ago I wrote a poem when I felt unloved and unwanted by the people around me. 

Even though I have bitterness inside my heart,
He loves me.
Even though I get angry at people who hurt me,
He forgives me.
Even when I get grumpy when things don’t go my way,
He comforts me.
Even though my skin isn’t flawless & my hair is messy,
He calls me beautiful.
Even though I try to plan my own path,
He plans a better one for me.
Even though I’m impatient,
He’s patient with me.
Even though I run away from Him,
He runs towards me.
Even though I don’t wait for Him,
He waits for me.
Even though I’m like a baby taking my first steps & I fall,
He still says with arms wide open, “come to me.”
Even though I feel alone and abandoned,
He stays with me.
Even when no one wants to be seen with me,
He wants to show me off.
Even though I can get bored in church,
He never gets bored with me.
Even though I chase after others,
He chases after me.
Even though I’m a sinner,
He loves me.

I shared this with all of you because I want you all to know just how much God loves you and wants you to feel wanted. Whoever is feeling lonely and unloved tonight, you are not alone.

God bless,