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Stress and Jesus

Life has been crazy. Absolutely crazy. If you’re a college student, you’ll understand that the end of the spring semester is chaos. I constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed. Not only am I stressed about school work, but also confused about what God wants me to do...

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Dancing With God

I danced with God today. I put on worship music and danced like I was in Jesus’ arms. He twirled me around like I was a princess and in His eyes I am. He loves us and I smile wide at the thought. My Jesus loves me. Our Jesus loves us. Our sweet Jesus. After we danced...

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6 Characteristics of a Godly Husband

Hello, ladies! Long time, no see. Over my Christmas break I have been working on a couple of new things for my blog. This New Year, we’ll be starting a series called 6 Characteristics of a Godly Husband. I decided to wait until now to begin this series for a few...

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Greed And Wanting

Here I am, again. Impatient for a relationship & totally overthinking my desires. Lord, forgive me. I’ve been greedy lately. I went Black Friday shopping, & even though I didn’t buy anything for myself, I was consumed by materialism & the want of earthly things. It...

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Mackenzie Ann

Hello! My name is Mackenzie Ann and I am a Lady in Waiting. I am a reading, knitting, and coffee addict. My relationship with Christ is the most important thing in my life and my hope is to share with other young women how much God loves them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit by the fire. It’s time for some fellowship!