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“To marry a prince, you must first become a princess.”

When I read this in my morning devotion a week ago, I had to take a step back and pause for a second.

I want to become a princess: poised, polite, loving, kind, and sophisticated. But what if it’s not enough? I can’t always help that I have anxiety attacks. I can’t help the fact that I’m short, my hair never seems to stay in place, and I snort when I laugh. That’s definitely not princess like.

But am I a princess?

We’re always so quick to refer to our lists of qualities we want in our future husbands, but what about the list of qualities our future husbands want in their future wives?

I’m not saying that it’s not important to have a list of characteristics we want in our future husbands. It’s important to learn what the Bible says about godly husbands.

What I am saying is that it’s also important to find out what the Bible says about godly wives.

So, after some studying of the Word, I have come up with a list of eleven qualities of godly women throughout the Bible:

  1. Is self-controlled
  2. Modest
  3. Hospitable and cares for her family
  4. Produces good fruit
  5. Hard-working
  6. Speaks wisdom and kindness
  7. Trustworthy
  8. Submits to her husband
  9. Teachable and humble
  10. Led by the Word
  11. Stands firm in the faith

OK. Don’t freak out. I know it’s a lot. Thank goodness that God’s grace is ever flowing because I would be a sinner in a sauna if you know what I mean.

Through the next five weeks, I’ll be explaining what each point means and talking about what it means to be a godly woman. Together, we’ll dig deeper into God’s Word and discover the qualities we didn’t know we had.

Will you join me?


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