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There are so many opinions, feelings, and sides in society today on the feminist movement. There is a fight for women to “become equal to men” when really feminists want complete control. What does the Bible say about true femininity and what are the counterfeits? 

On social media, there are constant battles between women who want patriarchy to die and women who want equality with men but know that it’s wrong to be in control over them. Even Christians I go to school with get enraged when I say that the Bible has specific roles for the man and specific roles for the woman. Girls have made snide remarks about me saying I’m Amish or like the Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting. They not only make fun of me, but the Amish, the Duggars, and any woman with the view that the husband is supposed to be the leader of the family.

So, what are the counterfeits of true, godly femininity and how can we spot the difference between biblical womanhood and worldly womanhood? Here are some examples of counterfeit femininity:

Arrogant Feminists

You know those women we see on the streets or on the news marching for women’s rights while yelling at those who get in their way? They are prime examples of arrogant feminists. They have been either hurt by men in their lives or don’t believe men are anything but lazy, perverted, inferior snobs that won’t change. They say things like “you’re such a man” or “go lift that box for me. It’s all your good for” or “guys will never change. Are there any decent guys on the planet?” They honestly believe that women are superior over all of humanity. They don’t want equality like they claim they do. They degrade men without giving men a chance to prove they’re good. This can be subtle or in your face. I’ve talked to Christian women who sit around for coffee and talk about their husband’s mistakes or characteristics they wish they could change only to end the conversation with “well, men are men. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” Then there are the women who are posting on social media about how awful men are, yelling at random men they see on the streets telling them they’re worthless, shouting in their faces that woman are the ones who should be running the world. They hate chivalry and patriarchy. They snap at men who open a door for them. Chivalry is dead because feminism killed it.

Controlling Feminists

You know those wives who are constantly nagging their husbands to change? What the heck is all that nagging going to do? That’s not going to give men the courage to either change or believe in their worth. These women have their men wrapped around their fingers so much, that they run the house instead of the man, they make all of the decisions, they treat men like slaves or pack mules. They believe that since men aren’t “improving” to who they want them to be or aren’t taking their subtle hints to improve, they need to step up their game in the nagging and discouragement. Instead of encouraging men to stand tall and know that they are loved, they beat them with their words. Nagging, verbally abusive, and master-slave attitudes won’t make men change, it’ll make them give up. They’ll think “what’s the point? Women act like we don’t have worth and that we’ll always be the same, so why try to change when that’s all they’ll say anyway?”

Seductive Feminists

These are women that use their bodies to get the attention of or control men. They dress scantily because they think the only way they can get a guy’s attention is through lust. They revel in the fact that guys can be into girls who are forward and aren’t afraid of speaking their mind and wearing clothes that barely cover them. They claim they love their bodies and feel they have the right to flaunt them. These women are described in the Bible as women of folly. They let men into their traps and throw them out when they’re done (Proverbs 9:13-18).

Jesus Feminists

To me, these women are the most dangerous. Using God’s name to back up your opinion of superiority is not a game. These women claim they’re doing the Lord’s work through abortion and saving mothers everywhere from children. Let me just say this: not only is it un-Christian to believe in abortion, but to use Jesus as an excuse for your behavior without even consulting the Lord Himself (1 Cor. 6). They boast that LGTBQ rights are the most important when the Bible clearly says its sexual immorality (Gal. 5:19; Jug. 19:22; Rom. 1:27, etc.). Let me be clear, if the Bible is against it, it is NOT the will of the Lord. If women are going to claim they do the Lord’s work, then the Bible absolutely must back them up.

All of these so-called feminists have at least one thing in common: it’s all about them. It’s all about their opinions, their identities, their freedom, what they do or don’t like about the Bible, their agenda, and their lives. There is no taking up their crosses daily and denying themselves (Matt. 16:24-26). It’s all about what they want, when they want it, and oppressing those who don’t agree. 

Tune in for my next post on true femininity and examples of what the Bible says about them!

God bless,