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Good morning y’all!

Lately it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to get things done. And when there is, something pops up.

As a college student, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with homework and extracurricular activities. Not to mention trying to stay healthy, getting enough sleep, maintaining a social life and spiritual life, etc.

One way that helps me stay organized and manage my time well is my weekly schedule.

Weekly plannerI printed out a free printable from and it has changed my life!

After I printed it out, I categorized my days by hour and by activity starting when I wake up. Mine is color-coated to keep me sane, Yours doesn’t have to be the same. Design yours however you want!

Tip: Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready and have your Bible time in the morning. Some days it’s extra difficult to get out of bed, so make sure you schedule in at least 5-10 minutes to wake up.

Since I don’t have class until 11am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I wake up at 8am. This gives me 2 hours to get ready, stretch, have breakfast, spend time with the Lord, and work on my blog. I’m most productive in the mornings and this is when I know I can focus on my time with God and my blog.

Tip: Whether it’s in the morning, after lunch, or in the evening, make sure you add to your schedule 15-30 minutes to spend time in prayer and reflection. You won’t regret it. I promise.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I have Chapel on campus from 10-10:50am. I made sure on Mondays and Fridays that I had an extra hour before class for free time, studying, or meetings.

Tip: Figure out when you’re most productive during the day and stick with it. This can help you get more done so you can have more time for friends (or a nap) later!

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have classes back-to-back from 11am to 2pm. Each class is 50 minutes long, so I have 10 minutes in between to grab a quick lunch and say hi to friends.

After classes, I head straight to the library. I know that if I go back to my dorm I won’t get anything done and will want to nap. Guilty as charged.
Tip: Find your spot in the library where you know you won’t get distracted. If you don’t like to study at your local/school library, find a place (at home, a coffee shop, a friend’s house) where you know you won’t get distracted.

I have on my schedule to stay at the library until 5pm every day so my “work day” goes from 9am to 5pm. See my post about tips to manage your time here.

Depending on how much homework and studying you need to do, you may be able to finish studying early after you get everything done.

After studying I go to the cafeteria for dinner.

Tip: Pencil in time for meals. It’s important that we eat!

After dinner, if I have more studying to do, I find a quiet space to finish things. If I’m done with everything then I have free time for the rest of the night until my night routine at 10pm!

Tip: Schedule time to get ready for bed and go to sleep. Keep it at the same time very night (if you can) so you can train your body and go to sleep faster. You can never get enough sleep in college!

Now for Tuesdays and Thursdays! The Lord blessed me with only one scheduled class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it isn’t until 2pm. Thank you Jesus!

I am taking an online class this fall so I made sure to schedule in time to only work on that class.

My morning routine on Tuesdays and Thursdays is the same as Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but I have Chapel at 10 and need to be ready by then. After chapel, I have lunch and then it’s back to the dorm to do laundry and study for my online class. My roommate has class at that time so I get the room to myself.

Tip: Pick 1 or 2 days a week to do laundry. There’s no need to do it every day and while you’re waiting for your load you can study!

After laundry and studying I have chorus from 2-3:20 and then go to the library to finish homework from the day before or to work on my online class.

I like to eat earlier in the day when it comes to dinner so I got to the caf at 5pm.

After dinner on Tuesdays I have an hour for my stomach to settle and get ready to go to the campus gym for my weekly workout. See my post on my weekly workout here.

Tip: It’s important to take care of the body God has given you. Take at least one day a week to exercise.

On Thursday nights I have church from 6:30-9pm so right after dinner I go back to my dorm to get ready and leave for youth group.

I made sure to leave my weekends as free as possible so I can go to church and hang out with friends. Plus, Saturdays are when I normally go grocery shopping.

Tip: Try to get all of your homework and studying done during the week so you don’t have to do much on the weekends. Gotta give your brain a break!

My schedule may look pretty busy and is not for everyone, but I encourage you to make a schedule fit for your needs. Don’t stress about it too much though and enjoy the time God has given you!


If any of y’all have other helpful tips for time management and scheduling, comment below! Or if you have tried making a schedule and it didn’t work, tell us how you manage your time!

God bless,


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